Saturday, April 25, 2009

socialising ,shopping ,studying and enjoying ,come together in package.hilang satu tidak sempurna sudah

"kala memetik jari berbaladakan masa ,berlalu pergi satu ketika "
zuhana zulkifli

some say it is time for me to say goodbye ,a time to drop beads of tears ,waving my hand up in the sky symbolizing as "till we meet again" ,snapping some cool pictures with friends and lecturers keeping as memories ,packing and arranging my stuff into begs and boxes ,jot down ;the address,phone number ,mailing address on a piece of paper to keep the bonding between me,her,him and you stay strong .

it's true i can't wait for 4 may to come ,other way around i deadly want those time passing me slowly .one thing for sure i will miss KUALA LUMPUR ,a place where i spend almost 3 years with lotsa bitterweet memories .but it won't stop here ,my journey still far ahead to be taste ,to be feel .

p/s : bye bye UTMKL .


Lynn Honeym said...

how time flies!

loadshit of stuff right?
me too, gonna miss every single thing at my studyplace.

hope we gonna rock some other places after this! with the beautiful beats.


anyway, congrats it finally has come to the end babeh.

Ahmad Azrin Aziz said...

selamat tinggal kuala lumpur..

shawLycious said...

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akizaki said...

ek eleh..
UTM jln semarak ke...?

1 seminit je dr umah i kot..
apsal x pnah nmpk...?