Wednesday, December 30, 2009

entry paling pendek ,ayat macam celaka .ahhaha :) .so everybody say yes to this .

"i tinggalkan you bukan sebab i benci you
i tinggalkan you supaya you ingat i sampai bila bila "

Monday, December 21, 2009

i bukan paris hilton ada empayar besar boleh sara anak cucu keturunan ke-106

bagaimana perasaan you all kalau orang mengata-ngata you all ?

i akan cakap ,i tak kisah .sebab i pun suka mengata orang .i suka hati je nak cakap apa2 pun .kadang2 sebab syok sangat mengata orang ,sampai i tak sedar i mengata depan tuan dia sendiri .lepas tuh , i mula lah mengesot slow2 dari tempat kejadian .tapi i bukan mulut longkang ,i cakap apa yang betul je .lagipun berterus terang lagi bagus daripada berahsia kan ?sebab tuh lah kadang2 i confuse kenapa orang suka buat cerita tak betul pasal i ,belakang i .i ada racun keturunan diorang ke sampai berdendam kesumat .nak kata diorang jeles dengan lifestyle i ,tak kannya .nak banding kan i dengan orang lain .ber-zillion i kurang dari orang lain .

cuba you all cakap ,apa yang you all tak puas hati dengan i ?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

far far away ,i stay there

we together ain't like no others ,our memories just like mezzotint that stood still
a bond we have is ubiquitous ,won't easy as it seem

our toby jug filled with love ,not toddy
we dance on the rooftop with crazy move that only we know

the joke was still the same ,just diffrent name and time
the laugh were never befuddled but joy

p/s :we aren't friend from school ,but friend after .the one before just in the past, that's the reason why in a tempestuous moment i only see you and me

Monday, December 14, 2009


tadikan ,i habiskan sepetang click2 gambar2 orang yang i rase i kenal dekat facebook ,eh eh i nak gak cakap macam orang yang tahu banyak facebook sebab diorang panggil FB jek .i rasa ada sesetengah yang i kenal muka diorang lain ,lain gila i bagitau you .

i rasa kadang2 macam bukak page fan club artis pulak .ada lah yang muka and gaya ala2 artis walaupun bukan artis .i wonder lah kenapa diorang tak add i ?muka i ni dah lain sangat ke ?i rasa tak ada lagi gaya muka Blake Lively or diorang confuse i ni siapa eh ?apa2 pun i dah add dekat 50 orang ,yang i rasa diorang kenal i .kalau diorang tak approve nampak sangat i neh tak famous .ni yang i tak suka ni .ahha

walau apa pun .i'm looking foward nak jumpa mereka2 .oh ya ! baru2 ni i ada jumpa ,eh tak tak terserempak dengan ex student tech kuantan dekat Megamall Kuantan .and i'm happy to see them :) .kalau rasa2 kenal i iaitu gambar di atas ,pandai2 lah nak add .tapi muka i macam pon-dan sikit kan ?hhaha

Thursday, December 10, 2009

may look hard to be my other half ,try me !then ,bingo !you had the answer

i got plenty of people that still stick with me through thick and thin .some people say it might hard to get someone that never gonna suck you up when you didn't do well in a very important by group presentation ,who didn't say even a word or whispering a single sigh to show how bored the were accompany you to find a perfect dress tho it take a whole day ,who wouldn't mind every penny of them waste on you .you may say i fantasized a lot to be a beautiful barbie doll with perfect skin ,flowy blond hair which will stay as before the wind blow ,a piercing blue eyes and for sure a prince charming .i know it might not come true ,but at least i got you ,you and you that make my day seem brighter each other and the only thing that i can't buy is your smile that bring lot of luck and love into my life .i don't need a smorgasbord ,a cool groupie wearing detail of top designer clothes or any jewelery ,i just need youuuu ,Friend .

p/s:i love my family ,friends and cousins that portrayed the other half of me .

Sunday, December 6, 2009

my first wishlist !


(1)leapoard print shirt
(2)loose sequin (salah eja eh ?) top and cardigan
(3)knitting cardigan
(4)sleeveless (salah eja eh?) studded top
(5)printed legging
(6)a long gold necklace (not a real "gold")
(7)any striking color clutch and studded details would be a bonus
(8)black leather or black pvc jacket and brown or gray would be nice too
(9)strappy sandal i mean extra and extra strap
(10)flawless skin
(11)pale lipstick color (majorly used for runway model)
(12)a really-really waterproof eyeliner
(13)colorful and with indian sari print headscarft

p/s:bila lah nak dapat .