Monday, May 10, 2010

do you remember ?do you remember ?

do you remember before we left our home aka the last day we live together in the same house ,i just stood there in silent without saying a word at the corner of our house ,near to the sliding door and beside the table we use as iron board .i was looking straightly to a white paper that we sticked to the wall and there were about 40-50 our movies tickets paste on it .suddenly ,staring at it make me feel broken-hearted,crestfallen ,sad,happy or should i say a "mixed-up-feeling" attacked me like a giant punch in my heart and nearly made it turn to pieces .

i know you look at me by that time ,and wondered what was i thinking and what had been lingered in my mind that obviously shown in my face that i was nearly broke into tears .but people ,i'm good at hiding my feeling .especially when i feel like there's no smile should i splash .

i look at all of those tickets date ,one by one and jump from one to anothers .though it was scattered around ,but i stilll can keep them on track and see the bond created also existed .it got me thinking about how long does it take to turn certain people from good to bad ,from a vibrant to a dull one .i'm not talking bout my mine only ,it is general .if yesterday we are best friend ,tomorrow we are enemy ,that's what i'm trying to say .

we started as 3 ,and then the one come by and make us 4 .and then ,we started going up with some others people which sometime we don't know them much .we tried to make some changes .we hang out with your guy friend ,a friend to your guy friend and ,meeting new people or should i say barely known .we did all the things which 3 of us always did together .from karaoke ,to movie ,to a place where everybody know us there .we try connecting them with our new crew ,sometimes it work and sometime they aren't .you try to fit in with my guy friend and i try to fit in with your guy friend .admitting that it was cool at first to get close with new people and been known out of our range ,but i felt something missing when there a long pause of not going out as 3 .it doesn't feel right ,there's a hollow in there that should be filled in with the love of a friend .

you might feel a liltle bit weird about where our mystery fourth go .well she's been a real slut and we are no longer friend .she shouldn't be a back-stabber if she want to stay as our friend .this is an ugly truth of a friendship .

others might say something fishy or start talking crap and cacophonous about us of not trying to fit in with anyone around ,we marginalize because we know what's right and what's wrong .and yes we right ,we started as 3 and ended 3 just like today .hopefully we will still be best friend for the next 20 years or 50 years to come .Insyaallah~


Lynn Honeym said...

this is sweet.

keep yours for the rest of your life.
i mean its priceless.

i envy you for i lost my sense of this thing called 'friendship.'

zuhana zulkifli said...

oh my ,i know you still got whom always stick with you no matter what .

at least ,you got me :)

Anonymous said...

back stabbers always ruin everything aite? ignore them n ur life wud b jz fine. huu

zuhana zulkifli said...

yes they are .

btw ,who are you anon .it would be nice to leave your name here :)

maira adreanna said...

mereka mmg kwn yg baek kan hee .