Friday, July 9, 2010


1)the world are getting colder ,the parents grow older ,the lovers had happily married ,the dead leaves soon to be dust .everything that begin ,must come to an end .no matter if it good to you but not good for her ,would be better for him but too bad for them and the list go on and on .

2)there is no guarantee if today i stand in a safe zone ,next day to come i still there .i might got hit by the bus ,brutally murdered by the unknown person or i'm sitting on the bench counting on my restless life .

3)am i Athazagoraphobia ?am i Chrometophobia ?am i Kenophobia ?am i Metathesiophobia ? whatever i had in my soul ,it just me trying to deal with it .some may go away and some will stay permanently in my chest .wanna give me a hand ?that is far too kind ,my dear .i just need some spaces ,teaching myself of not being too realiable.we do not call it arrogant ,but it is overwhelming when grabbing and dragging others into our issues and problems .

4)stop satisfying others ,while you suffer and stand in a blank mind .life is just too beautiful and too short to waste for .now ,look at your hand and did you see the line on your palm hands ?i believe ,every lines shows a different story .i'm not a fortune teller ,but trust me ,if you try to make yourself better then you feel relief .

5)i should stop making others laugh who just laugh when i laugh and left me when i only got a small fate in the emptiness . because it is too painful to be strong and too weak to hold on too .

6)i don't want to lose and let go anyone that i love and care about especially family and friends .probably ,that is the answer why ,i rather be in a small circle than a million faces .
every night ,i tell myself to wave proudly when they are ready to say goodbye because the golden beneath their gone still unrevealed an too valuable to say with a loud words .letting them go ,isn't synonym of "no-love" yet "it is better to leave ,then they sit for nothing" .


Lynn Honeym said...

i love this.

but i dont need this. i am way too, whatever you name it baby.

just grow and learn.

zuhana zulkifli said...

yap ,i'm still learning to grow :)

pitt fauzi said...

do 'us' human actually stay young?
if we can buy the time, i rather be killing for money.

satisfaction for other?
agreed with u.
hate me, then i hate u more. i look like i care?

nice post!
move on!

zuhana zulkifli said...

oh my i sangat terharu sebb you got what i'm trying to tell about .if you can see the relation exist ,it all about moving on and keep a straight long walk :)

Zayanie said...

ahah! kalu ko mau tau! diri kau n blog kau sendiri ajar aku menjadi mature in whutever i'll do! thnx sista!

miss invee said...

nice :)

missyonne said...

nice writing, nice thought, beautiful and fresh mind will bring u positive attitude.

go zhana !

zuhana zulkifli said...

fatin :hahha inspiring ?ahha macam klaka .but it's good to see other appreciate what we told them :)
mariam :thanks :)
ayu :yaa ,positive attitude .i rather g with it than living in memories :)

Kartika Azmi said...

style la kakak ni! hee

*my word verification is PROSES!

zuhana zulkifli said...

Ahhaha style apa plak neh kan ?weh awak lagi style ,verification pun proses haahah