Sunday, March 21, 2010

bila hati dah menangis

salah ke i menjadi terlampau berterus terang .sejak bila ,straight foward = big crime ?bila diminta berterus terang ,i berselindung .bila i berterus terang ,things got ugly .people say ,we need some changes everyday to make our life better but it obviously drag me the ugly truth moment .i don't know what ,when ,why and where went wrong that make everything around me getting darker and flew with a shame upon my stupid-ness .

my mind only focusing on a phrase "of losing you someday" ,you may not see it now but i do .the history of past do teach me a lot not to go over someone who chase over others ,but do stay with someone who treat you in a good way or the way it supposed to be .

i do follow it ,but it lead me to the other way around .
i rather throw away this feeling if it keep us together like yesterday .

to be honest ,"i sayang you" dan i tak nak hilang you .


missyonne said...

loving without hoping, we called it lie.

nomatter what, figght for our happiness.


DropDeadJULIET said...

Im following you :)

Lynn Honeym said...

hey dolly,

if you think he's the man then dont just sit and stare,

you know what you should do.


zuhana zulkifli said...

he don't want any commitment ,so all i have to do is just wait and see .appoaching too much make me look such a deadly-desperate

DropDeadJULIET said...

ive been in the same situation before. but in the end i gave up just like that, and a bit tad regret for having to wait for him to come and say it. seriously tak kemane. and im glad to not wait any more, cause theres someone better waiting for me rather than wasting my time waiting.

sorry babe, but truth hurts :/

if dye btol2 nk kat you, he wont wait much longer for you to be his.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I feel like crying reading this blog babe. pfft! If only they "understand" our feelings.

zuhana zulkifli said...

biqah :awww~ thank you .but i think i go with "try it first" and if i fail for the second time then i should labeled on my heart with "i'm fail " sign.well it is not so bad when we willing to try ,right ?

shekane :yeah ,sometime we hard to be understood by other ,but if we find someone who can dive deeply in our soul ,then they find out that we are the right one .