Sunday, January 31, 2010

i'm walking in the rain with flower in my hand and try to pretend i had a crestfallen ,just to see you sad .

yesterday i realise that i found someone who just like you .the way he talk ,behave and laugh always just like you and the most i like is the way he adore me ,nothing more one and only just like you .do you remember how we first met ?

it wasn't either me or you who had to be blame for all this tears .maybe ,the jealousy of time had push us to the edge that we nearly fall ,creating an unhappy ending .

bumping into you last month ,we can call it a fate .but i swore with my blood that i miss everything in the past ,telling a beautiful of the untold fairytale between me and you .you weren't my lover ,but you are part of mine who always dancing in my heart with your words and non-stop keep me smiling .

so ,please don't forget about us .

p/s :listening to don't forget by demi lavato ,remind me of who you are to me in the pass that wasn't my luck to see it by that time .


hydé.ben.basiran. said...

Auw, sweet ! said...

i love this , really

zuhana zulkifli said...

Hyde : :) .so sad that was in the past and never be in present

d i e y L a . said...

zhana yang lepas tu la pengalaman dan mungkin ada yg lebih baek lepas ni.

sabar ok :)

Lynn Honeym said...



D'Lola Fafa said...

isk isk .
terharuuu .
hagagaga !