Sunday, December 6, 2009

my first wishlist !


(1)leapoard print shirt
(2)loose sequin (salah eja eh ?) top and cardigan
(3)knitting cardigan
(4)sleeveless (salah eja eh?) studded top
(5)printed legging
(6)a long gold necklace (not a real "gold")
(7)any striking color clutch and studded details would be a bonus
(8)black leather or black pvc jacket and brown or gray would be nice too
(9)strappy sandal i mean extra and extra strap
(10)flawless skin
(11)pale lipstick color (majorly used for runway model)
(12)a really-really waterproof eyeliner
(13)colorful and with indian sari print headscarft

p/s:bila lah nak dapat .


Lynn Honeym said...

i hate this.

because mine goes goes and doesnt end, pffft.

ahhh !

d i e y L a . said...

zhana weyh mu ni mcm2 sokmo.
jom la aku teman mu cari sume2 benda tu ek.haha

hydé.ben.basiran. said...

mintak² lah tak dapat.

missyonne said...


i want number 10 :))

ittazi said...

new shawls at

tq ;)

maira adreanna said...

gile ahh wishlist
tamo kua ngn mu doh pasne
hahaha :P