Monday, November 30, 2009

a letter to whom may concern

adam young do sing me a song

dear to whom may concern ,

as i sit and stare at people around me ,suddenly every single things you told me yesterday crossing the state of my mind .you know how happy am i knowing that i was that special to you .the butterfly in my stomach just can't stop flying up and down .but now all i know is i got a crestfallen symptom and i don't know why ,there isn't any wrong neither me or you .can you tell me why am i feeling this ?am i that paranoid and wanting you so bad in my life ?

you might be different from anyone i had in the past .feeling very comfortable and just being myself when i'm around you would be a positive sign .but it might turn too shallow and become darkened when you started acting like you don't care .

sincerely ,
the one who won't stop concerning about whom may concern


aZizoL said...

apepon muge hepi slalooo

zuhana zulkifli said...

Ahhahah konon nak buaat ayat bersastere .haha .langsung org tak paham jadinyeee .ahhaah

Lynn Honeym said...

payahkan bila ada yg macam ni,

bila kita meletakkan dia sebagai sesuatu yang menjadikan hidup kita tidak sama seperti biasa,

harap kau baikbaik ohh.

d i e y L a . said...

susah :(

maira adreanna said...

isk .