Thursday, August 5, 2010

remember me when you read this note


everybody does ,everybody need "it" .the emptiness keep on staying silently in their soul when "it" gone .they miss those finger that fit well between their finger spaces by the time "it" blooming beautifully .the 3 words seems to be the daily routine ,when they got "it" tightly in their heart .being the most caring person is how to show "it" ,freely fly in the name of "it" .as if they lift up from the earth ,almost touch the sky to grab the "it" .

everything seems complete ,perfect match ,positive minded ,midnight talkies .the illustration of "it" can never been drawn with this two hands but can be feel through the eyes of the "it" .

oh ,how meaningful "it" brought to our life ."it" is too abstract to touch of and too heavy to carry along the ride to the full moon .the metaphors of words sounds good ,when "it" still linger at center of heart .but a thousand sadness yet to come when "it" torn into pieces .

for me "it" = "love" .how about you ,reader ?