Friday, August 13, 2010

grateful :)

i never satisfy with myself but i learn to accept the way i am

we always wanna be the best .be the one who been treasured to other,be the one who be there no matter what and be the one to make the world smile abouts .is it good enough to feed others satisfication ?my answer would be no .

humanbeing always want something more ,out of limitation ,out of their league .let say this guy who had a girlfriend with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes but not a zero size girl .so he left her for his own satisfication ,to find someone with brunette long hair ,big hazel eyes ,much skinier than his previous girlfriend, got Rachel Bilson looks but she's got low potential of super-loyalty .3 month later,he found out that it was a big mistake for letting go his previous girlfriend who will never say never to what he said compared to his soon-to-be-ex who actually prefer a guy with tons of money than love .

doesn't it ring a bell ?

it never been wrong if we wanting more ,and accepting only the best in our own way .it just ,sometime we need to learn to accept some people just the way they are .not too demand nor too "don't care" attitude ,just being the average one .being grateful for the good in ourlives is the best way to overcome choice anxiety .

as easy as it sound just be a GRATEFUL person .

"that when you factor in the costs of time ,money and stress that a maximizer will invest in making a decision .being a satisficer and going with something "good enough" -is a actually the best option" -Herbet Simon .

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