Thursday, July 9, 2009

honey you just ain't know me enough to say such a beautiful things

i'm picking up all your miracles words by the sidewalk .i put them nicely in a red box with a combination of white and pink ribbon on it .yeah i know .i found myself too hard to understand with ,too complicated to live with and too demanding to be happy with myself and people around me .

non-stop bragging about other life ,why did they got them while i'm not .try to put myself in a secure situation just to feel relief without making any stupid mistakes .lastly ,everything turn in negative way .keep blaming myself is the best way that i can think right now .

what about promises left promises ?did anyone got the answer for that .cause i'm not the one who build those pretty things but it's you .if i could just click on demolish button and they were all gone ,will put me in a very safe zone right now .


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