Sunday, June 14, 2009

youngster becoming older

never admitting that i am a fashionista and such a photography freak like most girl did .it all because i don't have a cool groupie snapping some photo at pavillion and i haven't got any shopping-to-do-list .

(i)i never wish a MARC JACOB handbag from my parent .
(ii)i'm not an 0 size girl to wear KARL LAGERFELD clothes .
(iii)no JIMMY CHOOS shoes that can fit well with my feet .
(iv)i don't have a lot of money to fill in every compartment of HERMES purse .
(v)i can't effort any BOBBY BROWN make up tool to have a dolly look .

so people ,do except me the way i am and one thing for sure you can't change me for whom i am .


nafasdunia said...

naghahaha. so comel oke.

u r u.

it's more than enuf.


Lynn Honeym said...

betol tuhh.

ala kadar sudah janji idup itu HIDUP.


d i e y L a . said...

mu sokmo wat comei.

cam lin ckp idop ala kadar sudah.

hee ;)

akizaki said...

ari2 mkn pisang pn bley idop ape..?
rilek je..

maira adreanna said...

hoh. abes kuo name designer seme. haisshh zhana zhana :P

im accepting u the way u are .

hey, u already got me. not enuff uh ?