Wednesday, April 13, 2011

happy thought :)

have you ever having a thought of letting someone to be happy tho if it means not for you ?
probably , the hardest thing to do for certain people .

Kevin would say you are the sweetest person ever to do such a noble things ,Sherry will appreciate all those sacrifices by giving you Tiffany &co jewelery and a treat at TGI Friday while your love one will say "i love you to death" symbolize as his love will never die and only for you .

but how many people will say yes for the sake of other happiness and vice versa for theirs ?

if it was me ,

it would be the reason why everytime i walkaway ,i'm trying hardest to tell myself that ,it is the best thing i can do to make it right .

and i hope if it was you
you will say "you can count on me" .

you know why ?

because that is all i need from you to convince me i'm right and you are the rightest person who deserve to be with me for the rest of my life .i'm giving you my hope and dream as a appreciation .

wouldn't it be enough ,dear?

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