Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i dah berhenti ,bersara dari dunia ini .

my heart ,my mind and my soul had flew away . together with the cold wind .why am i so stupid ,still waiting for you to come just to say those three words .major of yourself stay secretly in my heart ,minor of me none in you head .

you say you hate me and my crew ,how annoyed we are to make you feel angry with us ,but i say you are cool enough to be part of me .people keep asking why am i so into you ,even me ain't got the answer .i like you the way you are ,the way you walk ,the way you react ,the way you talk ,the way you drive your car and the way you make my heart melt in yours .everything seems perfect ,seems nice .

it won't be long before it come to an end .half of me say i'm happy because i don't need to know where you are heading to tonight ,with whom you be with ,did you be home this weekend ,did your car been park in a safest place .and my other half just can't take this pain ,it hardly scratch my heart till it bleeds deeper and deepest like a dark deep blue sea .

yes ,i'm that girl who won't easily said i fell in love
yes ,i'm that girl who always want something outta reach
yes ,i'm that girl who crazy about you arrogance
yes ,i'm that girl who got crestfallen when you got special one

now ,there is no me at the "jendela" waiting for the whole day just to see you got back from classes .no more stalking through "the maya world" ,because my hope for you died today .no more check upon your status and new picture .if i saw you again ,i won't tell you because being invinsible is my type .

dulu i pernah kata ,if i told the world the story of us the will never believe me .tapi sekarang i rasa ,kalau i khabarkan pada dunia cerita kita dan pengakhirannya ,mereka akan kata "BODOHNYA KAU" .itu belum ,i khabarkan kebodohan i menebalkan muka bercampur gaul dengan crew crew you sebab nak tahu sangat pasal you ,you langsung tak pernah ada interest nak tahu pasal i .

ok lahh ,i dah penat kejar you ,i dah penat jadi alas kaki you ,i dah penat jadi kasut you .you sampai bila2 pun tak akan turun ke bumi untuk berlari lari bersama i ,macam orang2 lain .i harap you akan terbang bersama burung burung jenisan you ,dan dari jauh i harapkan you happy .


Lynn Honeym said...

it kinda heartbroken.

well you know.

zuhana zulkifli said...

yes i am

missyonne said...

wuargh zhana.


rasa yg jujur.
aku suka.

maira adreanna said...

babe, im sorry for not being with you this few day.
byk sgt probs lately, sorry sgtsgt taw.

be strong keyh dear
maybe he just not meant for you
he's not tht lucky ,i guess .
sape rugi? dia jugak kan :)

zuhana zulkifli said...

i'm the unlucky one .pfftt .camna lah nak balik malacca ,duk dalam bilik block a ,bunga raya ,bukit beruangg .