Thursday, March 17, 2011

sweet escape

wondering about how we use to eat at the same table ,laughing at stupid and lame jokes ,drive in the middle of the night for the sake among us ,wearing stupid-ly 3D glasses watching animation together ,had a supper together tho just a sip of ice tea ,trying to escape from people we know tho we know we can't .

people call it a sweet escape .

no more sweetness ,as you throw all our happiness into darkness .you think that i'm a slut ,and trust every single words that "they" tell you .you never care to ask me whether it's true or vice versa .all the bitchy thingy you ate it up like the wind blow through your hair ,smooth as a silk but sharp as a knife .

i'm a true liar when i say "i don't care" instead it kill me to the core ,torn my heart into a million reflection .every reflection showed how stupid am i for doing nothing at the first place .

why can't we just be like the old day ?

maybe that bitch won't stop bitching and try her hardest to ruin everything and to my disappointment you swallow it with pride without chewing first .

1 comment:

miss invee said...

be strong girl. time can n WILL heal everything. until then,sticks to the ones who loves u. myb it will ease the pain a bit ;)